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Background of J Dilla the Diary Album

In the start of 21st century Pay Jay, as it was already known, it is a vocal J Dilla the Diary Album presented by James Dewitt great (J Dilla) Yancey who completed it with in eight months in the early time period of 2000s, there are following the release news of his very main unaccompanied album, then Welcome to his 2 Detroit, in mid of the 2001. Yancey was assigned for a solo contract with MCA Archives in the 2002.

This big J Dilla the Diary album which was mean to be his first ordinary inauguration was his absolute effort to take advantage of the devotion that he congregated after his perkiest era as a behind-the-scenes hit maker besides the influencer.

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J Dilla the Diary Album

While he was acknowledged as a fabricator (producer) relatively than an presenter, he elected to doing the rap on the album and have the music created by some of his beloved presenters such as Nottz, Madlib also Pete Rock, Supa Dave West,  super Hi-Tek, Kanye West, Waajeed and  many others.

Though, the project hindered and the album was also deferred as we can see it was not what actually MCA just had anticipated when it contracted with Yancey, prominent to him being plummeted and the album retained in his storage entity in Detroit, an old memory while he tried his best to transition living and constructing in Los Angeles and before passing in the start of 2006.The album also disappointedly suffered as his most valuable selected songs were leaked in 2007.

More about J’Dilla’s the Diary Album:

Diary Album was recently broadcasted on the  Zane Lowe’s radio show online in the past February 18, 2016 The latest Diary is supposed to be or currently it is expected that it might releasing on 15 of April, is obvious that it will be live through Pay Jay Productions, it is coming very soon online. J Dilla the Diary Album has always been the Dilla’s striking effort many times to take benefits of the available consideration has the funds for him after his liveliest epoch such as a Dilla’s  current long lost vocal album. Although MCA also liked the past released song F**k the police as it is just the part of album. It is in rumor that there are unforeseen ways might you’ve seen Dilla transforming the world.

Launching of the J Dilla the Diary Album:

“The Diary” a famous Vocal album, people waiting for years is now on stream as it was Originally recorded for MCA, but after approximately 15 years of harsh troubles and sample clearing is done after legal battels , and rescuing J Dilla the Diary Full Album is going to be on air on the day of 15th April, 2016.

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